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XeroQ - Beach Breeze (Demo) XeroQ - Beach Breeze (Demo)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Big Fan

The song is just wonderful! I'm not very experienced in chill songs, but listening to mega trance packs and such I come by them occasionally. But this song is great. But whats better is the chord progression. Its just perfect for the name, I can literally picture walking along a beach and just listening to this song as the waves come in, and then retreat back into the ocean.

The chord progression coupled with the sound itself is astounding, it gives it a mystical/spacious sort of vibe, yet there isnt saturation on the reverb, telling me you created this feeling naturally just by the chord and sound together which is by all means impressive.

The only reason I gave this a 9 instead of a 10 is the length, buildups/breakdowns and sfx. The thing that differentiates a professional from a amateur is saturation of these. In a professional song you can always here new sounds you didn't even know were there the first time you heard it. But this melody repeats throughout the whole song without any change ups and the kick goes standard 4x4 throughout.

But regardless still very good, respect. Can't wait for the full song if this is just a (Demo).

XeroQ responds:

Haha thanks, It's just a demo so it's a little short. I'll keep working on this. I still havn't mastered sylenth1. I'll change up the chord progression, when i get the chance. Thanks for your input KILLAKAZY911 :)!!

Soulero - Lonely heart Soulero - Lonely heart

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

9 stars!

I'd have to agree with resigned. This is a touching piece, especially in the beginning. Then when the synth comes in (and I must say it is a great sounding synth) it just becomes fun to listen to, sort of gets you pumped. But also would like to see some longer break downs or buildups. I feel like 3 minute songs belong to techno, anf 5 min+ is trance's territory. Great job non the less, 9/10 5'd.

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Soulero responds:

Okay. Thanks man : ) Check out my other songs :O